About us

What is unseen we see, what is unknown we discover and what is not yet done we do.

New frontiers still exist. They're no longer undiscovered places but concepts, thought and ideas on how best we balance resources, people, environment and progress to benefit all. The measure of any great society is how successfully this is achieved. To do this successfully we face challenges not yet known, solutions not yet found and ideas not yet conceived. To cross these frontiers requires modern pioneers – with skill, foresight, boldness and sensitivity – to navigate the unique set of challenges we face. It's these things that set us apart.


Our approach

Expertise for today's challenges, fresh thinking for tomorrow.

Our People

Environmental planning pioneers for our times.

Contemporary challenges require modern and open minds – minds that contain not just the big ideas, but a unique blend of experience, expertise, foresight and understanding that provide contemporary solutions to contemporary challenges. These challenges often have no current blueprint for resolution and it's these challenges we embrace. With our breadth and depth of expertise we are solution designers, bringing a fresh, non-templated approach to every project.


Proud to support our communities by sponsoring local charities

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