About Us

Welcome to Mitchell Daysh
Can do. Have done. Will do.

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor as they say.
If you don’t face the big challenges then how do you acquire the capability to overcome them?

That is our business philosophy - when it comes to environmental planning and consulting, the greater the challenge, the more we rise to it. The experience, knowledge and capability we’ve gained navigating our way through the most complex environmental projects, has positioned us as the clear ‘go-to’ when it comes to finding a sustainable solution.

Whether we’re managing a riverside walkway project or a significant power station development, what matters most to us is what matters to our clients - getting the job done right.

With our wider reach, accessibility and understanding of New Zealand and the Pacific, and our excellence in customer service, we offer a work ethic of can do, have done and will do that’s too powerful a force to resist. Our work speaks volumes.

Can do. Our capability

We keep the big picture in mind and the detail in hand to make sure your project stays efficiently on track. We’re specialists in resource management and environmental planning. Our range of services includes project management and consents, impact assessment, plans and policy statements, independent decision making, consultation and environmental science.

Can do.

Have done. Our experience

Mitchell Partnerships was established more than 20 years ago as a specialist resource management consultancy with clients in both the private and public sector and offices in Auckland, Dunedin and Tauranga.

Environmental Management Services (EMS) was established in 1994, operating throughout various locations in the North Island, with project experience in NZ, Asia and throughout the Pacific. 2016 saw the merger of these two companies to form Mitchell Daysh.

As a combined entity we offer a broadened skillset and expertise - some of our team members have more than 30 years of environmental consulting experience - with a project history that includes many of New Zealand’s landmark environmental projects. Independently both companies had a reputation for outstanding customer service and facilitation. Together we can go so much further for our clients. Imagine the possibilities....

Have done.

Will do. Our promise

In today’s corporate environment where companies merge, expand, and become less accessible - we are heading in the other direction.

The recent merger of our two companies has broadened our reach, with a presence the length of New Zealand, giving us a deeper, richer understanding of the regions, and making us more accessible to our clients and in touch with their needs. After all, outside of the big smoke is where many of NZ’s largest and most diverse environmental projects happen.

But it’s our culture that really sets us apart. We seek to offer our clients an unmatched partnership - for greater co-operation, and more effective results.

Will do.